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They say a good sense of style is achieved by knowing, but not necessarily obeying the rules.

Just take a look at Robert Capra, a highly distinguished film director. Notably famous for The Battling Eels of Antibes, The Rabbi and the Contortionist and Cryptic Cosmos.

After years of forming accurate and predictive scripts, he finally emancipated himself from the troubles manifested in the world of looking and seeing. He now lived with a special kind of inner vision...

A world free of what others thought, he was able to distort not only his own but also others realities.

Dressed in the finest San Pedro shirt he felt truly autonomous of what he said, and most importantly of what he wore. Eloquently sequencing the sweetest sentences together, he mastered the art of film directing whilst inspiring others with his style.

The Film Director Shirt (No. 9559). Naturally dyed with pomegranate extracts. Sealed together with coconut wooden buttons. Two pockets. Left chest and left arm.