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Marrakech 1975: What makes a true gentleman one may ask? Is it humility and respect? Generosity and courteousness?

Klaus du Pont was all of these and more. Always playing his cards close to his chest, he had a certain kind of enigma.

Deployed on a classified mission (code name: Dodecahedron) he sought to gather enemy intelligence.

Du Pont needed a disguise. One casual enough for café conversations, hardy enough for hair-raising camel journeys and inconceivably irresistible enough to interest the golden gals. A shirt suited for revolutionaries and other big Movers and Shakers.

The Desert Roamer (No. 007). 99 % bad ass, 1 % Pedro. Block dyed cotton. Sealed together with coconut wooden buttons. Point collared. Left chest and secret left arm pocket (always comes in handy).