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Humans are inherently driven by curiosity.

It is a fact that open mindedness and creativity fosters great rewards. Curiosity led us to the moon and ignited a gaze towards distant nebula; containing infinite possibilities. 

A true man of curiosity and creativity, Dave was frequently found cruising through the woods, spreading seeds of freedom and increasing the greenery all around him. Armed with a pocket full of seeds, he was good to go.

The existence of negativity did not exist in Dave’s mind, no tree too tall, no challenge too tough, nor no crisis too hot to cool.

The only thing better than Dave's ambition was his unwitting charm. And the only thing better than his unwitting charm was his favourite loose-leafed button up shirt.

Express yourself and let positivity radiate around you. Take it for a ride next time you go down the forest path … or what the heck, even under a blazer as if you never came back from the forest.

The forest forager (No. 1997). Naturally dyed cotton. Sealed together with coconut wooden buttons. Two pockets. One pocket on the left chest and one on the left arm for secret storage. Hand wash in cold water. Minor colour run may occur. Each shirt is authentic and will only be available once. Extra button on inner seam.