NOWNOW is South Africa's Leading Marketplace for local fashion designers and brand! Our founder, Eohan Lakey, came up with the idea to create a marketplace for local fashion designers at the young age of 16-years-old and after years of research and testing NOWNOW finally launched in 2018.

In essence NOWNOW acts as an intermediary between designer and customer; we’ve created a platform for designers to sell their products (additionally to any other ways they currently sell it).

Our store was founded for the exact purpose to assist and grow designers and brands within South Africa, we have created a system which works with brands of all sizes but more specifically geared at assisting brands with small stock holding quantities (as we don’t have a minimum stock quantity on our store). With the plethora of designers we’ve worked with, we understand the worries which you may have but to assure you; NOWNOW gives you the ability to control exactly what you will be selling on our store.

Our team recruits the best and brightest talents in South Africa to sell through our dedicated portal which allows you as the Seller to determine exactly what is on the store as well as allows you to make use of our fulfilment methods which makes for a very seamless and efficient customer and designer experience. Our plan for 2020 is to be the biggest marketplace of its kind in Africa by launching with our first designers outside South Africa.

NOWNOW partners with various fashion organisations to further influence the local fashion market, we collaborate with these organisations to fully enforce our stance on local fashion designers and brands. Our goal is to shift our local fashion brands onto more of an international platform by providing methods of shipping and fulfilment coupled with marketing techniques and advertising campaigns which is expensive and unattainable due to cost but with our model we have taken the world and industry standard in multivendor marketplaces and shrunk it down and moulded it to work with smaller brands and designers in an efficient and cost effective way.



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