Oversized Sky Dye T-Shirt by NOWNOW Design

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Welcome to the NOWNOW Design Basics Range

Oversized Sky Dye T-Shirt by NOWNOW Design

  • 160gm /100% Cotton Crewneck.
  • Regular fit short sleeve crew neck.
  • Our in-house Sky Blue tie-dye, for all your tie-dye needs


NOWNOW is South Africa’s Leading Marketplace for local fashion designers and brands. After months of searching, discovering and understanding we finally settled on a direction which we’ve based all our designs on. From the following trends and possibly starting trends, we’ve curated pieces that will speak to every South African as well as keeping up with the current trends in the fashion world. The idea with our releases is to ensure that the products are uniquely South African yet it can be understood by the rest of the world. Discovering that fine line is a process in of itself however after months of trial and error we believe we were able to turn that idea into a viable product.

As a NOWNOW Team, we hope that every individual who purchases one of our garments feels and appreciates all the hard work which was put in to create our entire range. We hope that these garments speak to you in ways we couldn’t imagine and that it becomes the industry standard in quality and creativity for South Africa.


Always check the label

Separate your colours during the wash

Ideal for both hand and machine wash



Made with Cotton

Locally produced and sourced

All your tie-dye needs in one place

Main: 100% Cotton